Best Dimsum in San Francisco: Koi Palace

Koi Palace

Koi Palace is probably the best dimsum place in all of Bay Area. (So I’ve been told) Because of its legendary status, we decided to arrive about 9:45, as the doors open at 10:00 on this Saturday.

Koi Palace: Daly City

Luckily, we were able to get a spot at the first seating despite being pretty far back in line.

As we entered the restaurant, it very much reminded me of places in Hong Kong.

From the waterfall in the waiting area, the indoor pond with koi fishes and the typically Chinese open-layout banquet restaurant.

As we were seated and given a menu, I was very impressed at the extensive options to chose from. There is definitely something for everyone.

Order by selecting items from an illustrated menu and marking your selections.  Service was amazingly fast and efficient. It is an “order on the menu” style compared to the cart style (although it was available).

There was an endless list of dimsums, as well as noodles, rice wok, xiao long bao, and seafood.

Koi Palace has branched out from Cantonese into other areas such as Sichuan dishes as more Mainland Chinese dine here.


String beans with shrimp and garlic spice.
Shanghai Style Juicy Pork Dumplings
Pork Buns in Clay Pot.
Dumpling filled with shrimp and pea shoots

Final Thoughts: I was very very pleased with each item  and every was totally spot on!

Highly recommended!

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