Dinner at SOIGNE seoul. Contemporary Cuisine of Seoul.

SOIGNE seoul.

Meaning “dressed very elegantly” in French, SOIGNE is 1-Michelin Star restaurant serving modern French/Korean Cuisine adopting to local ingredients fused with Korean culinary philosophy.


The décor is elegant and refined, with a view of an open kitchen.



Let’s take a look at the 13 course menu prepared by Chef Jun Lee.

IMG_5689PURE TASTE: (Japan)  Tomato, basil and burrata cheese. As Chef Jun said, “Sometimes, the best seasoning is to season nothing but let the ingredients shine itself”

IMG_5694DANISH LUXURY: (Denmark)  Pollack roe and caviar.- Cream tart and black caviar on fermented rice cake. A balance of sweet and soft texture.

IMG_5708FERMENTATION: (Denmark) Grilled romain kimchi paired with aged sashimi of a snapper.

IMG_7510UNEXPECTED: (Denmark)Beet Square and scallop. Roasted and grilled beet paired with a scallop “jang” and a sesame leaf.

IMG_7511VIVID ELEGANCE: (Spain) Neungi Mushroom Bun. Soft steamed bun with a crispy touch.

IMG_5718SOUTH: (Singapore) Seasoned vegetables paired with basil pesto from the oil of fish fat.

IMG_5721EFFERVESCE LOCAL: (Japan) Cabbage slowly cooked with butter and dashiki and caramelized. Nutmeg and sprinkles with sunflower seed sauce.

IMG_5733STREET FOOD: (Singapore) Rice cake shaped into bucatini and paired with watercress sauce and abalone.

IMG_7512MODERN TRADITION: (Italy) Nan-myun, which is a yolk noodle flavored with beef, mushroom ad chili. Finished with chicken-buckwheat tea.

IMG_5756WITTY CLASSIC: (Italy) Slow roasted beef tongue and cut potatoes.

IMG_5759NATURE: (Denmark)

IMG_5760PERFECTION: (Denmark) Pine ice-cream and with green pine needle oil.

IMG_5762NO WASTE: (Denmark). An entire apple was made without waste for his dessert. Thinly sliced apple, the core is made into powder and accompanied by hazelnut ice cream.

IMG_7513Petit Four. Canele, Lemon Choux and Avocado Macaron

Final Thoughts:

The dinner was very pleasant, incorporating many different ingredients and unfamiliar and adventurous food pairings.

The service was attentive and several of the chefs come out to describe the dishes, which was a nice touch.

However, although they had a couple of solid courses, the meal was not incredible from start to finish.

The whole experience ended on a high note and it was a memorable experience!


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