Dior Addict Launching Party 2016

Dior Addict Launching Party 2016


On March 2nd, Dior had their Dior Addict “Shine Don’t be Shy” Launching Party at the Platoon Kunsthalle

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The theme of the launching party was pink, pink and more pink!


 A cocktail party was organized for the launch of the new Dior Addict S/S 2016 line, along with other debut of fragrances and cosmetics.

18 new shades were revealed along with 3 new fragrances by Francois Demachy


3 different shine effects/ texture to choose from.

  1. Sparkling: contains high concentration of glitter
  2. Iridescent: contains pearlescent pigments
  3. Pure:  Pure and solid color




The Dior Addict is a hybrid of lipstick and lip gloss. It provides maximum cover with impeccable shine and gloss. Made by a water formula, there is no heavy, waxy, make-up feeling on the lips. Pure Bliss!


Now ~~ time to eat! Chocolates and champagne … oh my!

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It started to get crowded very quickly with fashionistas, power bloggers, singers and celebrties

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The beautiful IVY
The beautiful IVY


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