Hotel Review: Mandarin Island Resort Boracay

Hotel Review: Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel


When I vacation in Boracay, I tend to stay in Station 2 White Beach.

White Sand Beach

Among the 3 stations, I feel it is most exciting, and it is walking distance from everything too.

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Strawberry Buffet at the Banyan Tree Seoul

Strawberry Buffet at the Banyan Tree Seoul


During the month of February to March, almost all the hotels in Seoul have their version of the strawberry buffet.  It is a very popular event among Seoulites and more often than not, reservations are full 1 month in advance.

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Hotel Review : Park Hyatt Seoul

Park Hyatt Seoul : Review

Architect: Super Potato

Among the Hyatt Brand, the Park Hyatt is the luxury Hyatt hotels which are located in the premier destinations around the the world.

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Seoul City Life , Gangnam Style Home Tour

Seoul City Life , Gangnam Style 

We all heard the song Gangnam Style by Psy. It has caused a lot of curiosity about Gangnam so I would like to share my little slice of Gangnam. 


To have Gangnam style is to be among, or at least pretend to be among,the cities privileged nouveau riche It is an area in Seoul, located south of the Han River, that houses all the high end stores, attractions, five star hotels, stylish restaurants and cafes and of course, all the affluent neighborhoods. 

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Travel Diaries: Hong Kong (part 3)

Hong Kong: part 3

For those that know me, I am a huge Starbucks fan! The reason? I have no idea lol

I must say my favorite Starbucks is located at the Avenue of the Stars in TST. I try to come here as much as possible to enjoy the view and reflect on things.

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Travel Diaries: Hong Kong (part 1)

Hong Kong


If I could live in any city, it would be Hong Kong.

I’ve had the chance to visit Hong Kong more than 10 times in my life and each time I go there, It feels like a new city.  There are many interesting people, delicious food and new discoveries.

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